Virtual Team Building Idea: Virtual Team Scavenger Hunt

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We’re all starting to get a hang of how to meet virtually and work from home effectively. There are literally hundreds of posts and articles with tips and tricks to make the most of your online time together as a team.

But how do you do virtual team building? Well, we’ve been putting our heads together to come up with some ideas for you. We’ll publish these as we think of them. We thought we’d start with an unexpected, yet super easy activity — A Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

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How To Run A Virtual Scavenger Hunt With Your Team

This game assumes you’re using video conferencing technology like Zoom, Google Meet, or one of the many other apps available.


The Setup:

Time Required: 5-30 minutes

The game requires one facilitator to explain the rules, keep score, and act as judge.

Start the game with everyone on screen, cameras turned on as you explain the rules.

Determine how many rounds you will play. This determines how long the game runs. We suggest 5 rounds at a minimum.



The most points after all rounds wins the game.

Alternative: play to a certain number of points (e.g., The first person to reach 50 points wins).

Team Version: Split the team into smaller teams. Use the same scoring, except apply it just to teams. Whoever finds the items first wins 10 points for their team. Other teams get 3 points.


The Rules:

1. During each round, the facilitator will announce an item you must search your house for.

2. As soon the facilitator announces an item, you must TURN OFF your camera and begin your search.

3. The first person to return with the item, turn on their camera, and visibly show the item wins 10 points.

4. Everyone else that finds the items and shows it on camera receives 3 points.

5. The game will consist of ___ rounds (or until someone reaches ___ points) (Depends on how you are playing).


Additional Ideas & Suggestions:

Try to make a list of items that most people can find within a short period of time.

Keep your team in mind when making the list. Single people, married people, and people with kids all of different items in their homes.

It’s ok to have weird and random items on your list. You might not have it in your house, but someone else might.

When appropriate (and time permitting), take a minute to have people share about their item. For instance, if you ask them to find a souvenir from a past trip, that could be fun to hear about.


Item Ideas:

You can come up with any list of things that you want and make the items as random as you wish. Here are a list of 20 items to get you started:

An unopened package of toilet paper

A frozen pizza

Chlorox Wipes

A piece of workout equipment

A jar of peanut butter

A candle

A re-usable shopping bag

A decorative pillow

A board game

A coffee mug with a quote on it

A box of band aids

An iphone 4

A musical instrument

A car phone charger

A souvenir from a past vacation

A picture of Oprah Winfrey

A book with at least 300 pages

A robot vacuum (like a Roomba)

A salt lamp

Any size or age child

Any size or breed of pet






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