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How To Prevent Boring Meetings

Teams everywhere rejoice, for the month of July has arrived — or as we like to call it: BORING MEETING PREVENTION MONTH! sparkspace invented Boring Meeting Prevention Month many moons ago as a yearly reminder to STOP HAVING SUCH BORING…

Virtual Team Building Idea: Virtual Team Scavenger Hunt

virtual scavenger hunt team building columbus ohio

We’ve been putting our heads together to come up with some virtual team building ideas for you. First up: The Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

Best Ways to Keep Your Team's Energy Up

It can be a struggle to keep your team’s energy up, especially during full day meetings, stressful meetings, or long training sessions. With the help of our clients’ feedback and our own expertise, we’ve discovered the three best ways to…

Creative Ways to Get Outdoors and Bond with Your Team This Spring

Looking for some creative ways to get outdoors and bond with your team this spring? At sparkspace we’re always anxious to get outside and soak up some vitamin D…. so the second the weather breaks we love finding creative ways…

3 Ways to Keep Your Team’s Attention Throughout a Meeting

Keeping your team’s attention throughout a meeting can be an uphill battle, but following these 3 simple tips will make it easier to have an engaged team during every meeting. Limit Technology Technology is a constant struggle when it comes…


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