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What We’re Doing To Keep Meetings Safe During This Crazy Time

keeping meetings safe from coronavirus

Like you, we’ve had our share of conversations about the Coronavirus. It’s pretty clear that it will continue to disrupt, well, everything. In this weird and uncertain time, we wanted to let you know what we’re doing to keep your team (and ours) as safe as possible at sparkspace.

10 Things We’ve Learned In 20 Years About: Hosting Effective Meetings

Meeting space hosting at sparkspace

Passing our 20th anniversary has been a cause for celebration for sure. Not many small businesses make it to age 20. Even fewer are still thriving and growing after that much time. We want to be around for at least…


Here you'll find ideas, tips, and techniques to help make your next offsite your best meeting yet.We've learned a lot during the 15,000+ meetings we've hosted, and we never stop learning (and sharing) because meetings and teams are always evolving. Be sure to leave comments and join the conversation!