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Best Quotes from Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni

Death by Meeting Quotes

As total meeting nerds, we actually like to read books about meetings, especially when we can learn something from them to help you have your #bestmeetingyet. Patrick Lencioni writes modern fables to help bring some of the more, um, dry…

Best Quotes from The Art of Gathering

Best Quotes from The Art of Gathering

Our team just finished reading The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker. We loved many of the ideas in this book and thought sharing our favorite quotes would inspire you to re-think how you plan and execute meetings.

Best Quotes From Meetings Suck by Cameron Herold

Let’s face it, most meetings suck. They suck our time, they suck our energy, they suck our productivity, they can even feel like they suck our very souls from our bodies. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our…

Best Quotes from The Power of Moments

power of moments book

Do you ever have a book that keeps appearing on your radar over and over? You see it on every bookshelf, you hear people quoting from it, and several of your friends tell you (in the same week), “You should…

My Top 10 Highlights From START by Jon Acuff

About once every six weeks I post my version of a book review, which is really just the top 10 passages that I ran over with my highlighter when I was reading it. If I share a book with you, it…


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