What We’re Doing To Keep Meetings Safe During This Crazy Time

keeping meetings safe from coronavirus

Like you, we’ve had our share of conversations about the Coronavirus. It’s pretty clear that it will continue to disrupt, well, everything. In this weird and uncertain time, we wanted to let you know what we’re doing to keep your team (and ours) as safe as possible at sparkspace.

While we are taking some extra measures right now, I am proud that we have always operated with the health & wellbeing of our guests and our employees as our top priority.

Three things we want you to know about how we’re handling this current situation:

1. We’ve equipped every meeting room with a “Keep Your Team Healthy” box. These boxes include hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray & wipes for surfaces, and disinfectant wipes for phones, tablets, and computers, along with a bag of vitamin C drops.

2. We’re cleaning common surfaces even more frequently than normal, such as tabletops, door handles, coffee dispensers, etc.

3. We have implemented an “unlimited sick time” policy at sparkspace. We no longer count sick time against paid time off or vacation time. Our policy basically states, “If you’re sick, stay home and get better. You’ll still get paid. Period.” This policy also includes caring for sick family members and “mental health days,” too.

One more VERY IMPORTANT thing to know:

You will NEVER lose your money booking a meeting at sparkspace, even if you have to reschedule.

For over 20 years we have allowed meetings to reschedule with no penalty — even last minute cancellations. We will ALWAYS give you full credit on your rental fee for a future meeting, no matter the reason for canceling or rescheduling. We think that matters every day, but especially during times like these.

If you ever have any questions about how we operate, we’re happy to answer them with as much detail as you wish. Or schedule a tour to “peek behind the curtain” to see how we do what we do. Consider us an open book.



Mark Henson
founder and chief imagination officer


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