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Thanks for all the positive feedback on last week’s blog post on How To Write An Effective Meeting Agenda! Since agendas are such a hot topic I thought it was only appropriate to follow it up with a free meeting agenda template. Remember, you should not only have an effective, simple meeting agenda, you should also follow these simple tips to have your Best Meeting Ever:

-Send out the agenda prior to your meeting. By prior, I do not mean 5 minutes before the meeting starts. Ideally, at least 2-3 days beforehand to ensure your team has time to prepare.

-You must schedule breaks. Breaks are not time wasters. They give your team time to reconnect, refresh, and refocus. They need this time, and you will have better participation if you are giving your team adequate breaks.

Add something fun to the agenda, in the late afternoon. I haven’t been to too many meetings (or observed meetings) that weren’t losing full participation by late afternoon. This could just be an afternoon snack or quick game to get the team refocused.

With the help of these simple tips and an effective meeting agenda, you’re sure to have your Best Meeting Ever!

Click the link below to download a free team meeting agenda template. It’s a Word document so feel free to edit it and make it your own!





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