catering options for your meeting

We offer a wide variety of local catering options from a hand-selected team of Columbus’ best caterers. Simply download and print the menu you need. The order forms are included with each menu.

Small Meeting Menu

(for meetings of up to 10 people)view menu

Large Meeting Menu

(for meetings of more than 10 people)view menu

Specialty Fall Menu

All meals can easily be prepared vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free. Just let us know! view menu

Don’t want to worry about the menu? No problem. Purchase our All-Inclusive Package ($140 per person) and we’ll plan the entire day for you including breakfast, buffet lunch, and a snack. Just check the “All-Inclusive” option when you click on the “Reserve Now” button and we’ll automatically include and plan all your meals! (must have minimum of 10 in group to purchase)

Now serving Two Caterers for lunch when you purchase an All-Inclusive Package!