You’re One of the Best. Are You Acting Like It?

If I told you were are one of the best at what you do, would you believe me?

Some of you might. Others would blow me off thinking, “There are a lot of people better than me at what I do.” And you’re probably right. But that doesn’t mean you’re not one of the best.

Remember, I didn’t say THE best. I said ONE of the best. I’m making an assumption here that you’re not the WORST either. So, technically speaking, if you’re not the worst, then you’re one of the best. You could be next to worst, but that still makes you one of the best, right?

Here’s another example that you might be more comfortable accepting. What if I saw you in a room full of people and told you, “You’re one of the best looking people in the room.” That statement would be true even if you were almost as hideous as the ugliest person in the room. And you would be quite relieved, maybe even happy to hear it (depends on how overall ugly the room is, right?).

Many of us don’t like to consider ourselves one of the best at what we do. Know why? Because being one of the best carries responsibility that we’re not always willing to carry. Being one of the best usually means you must continually strive to remain one of the best. You might even be climbing your way to the numero uno spot in your industry’s hall of fame.

That takes work. Ughhh!

Most people and most companies that we consider “one of the best” at what they do are not always (not even usually) the most talented. They’re the ones who work at getting better every single day. They improve processes constantly, they fix what’s broken, they reach for bigger and better goals.

Sometimes it may seem like a person or a company is an overnight success. The reality is that most “overnight” successes occur over hundreds or thousands of nights, not just one. They’ve been working for years at being one of the best and it eventually shows.

Ok, so here’s where I’ll remind you that you are one of the best at what you do. How are you working to get better (because that’s what the best always do)?

The great thing is that there are so many ways to get better at what you do! Take a class, read a book, find a mentor, bring your whole staff to our workshop on February 16th (sorry, I tried to be subtle), work on a strategic plan, throw out your strategic plan and start over, study your industry, study another industry, study your customer, study your competition…you get the point.

A question I’ve been asking people lately is: if your business went away tomorrow, would anyone miss it? If you’re not truly acting like “one of the best,” chances are nobody would even notice. I don’t know about you, but I want to be missed!!!! Better yet, I don’t want to go away any day soon. That’s why I keep working to get better every day. How about you? 


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