Your New Go-To Team Building Exercise


I’m consistently asked what simple team building activities do we offer here at sparkspace? Now….we do provide some great tools, games, and resources, but most of our suggestions are ice breakers, not team building activities. Today I’m going to share a simple, yet powerful team building exercise anyone can facilitate. Although we said out ideas for team building is simple, there are companies out there who opt to choose these awesome team building activities to help boost team morale and communication skills. Everyone will have their preference as to what they want to do as part of the team-building process, especially when it comes to corporate team building activities that they can do as part of a work retreat.

This is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) team building exercise that you’ll actually benefit from using.

A dear friend of ours, Whitney Bishop, shared one of her go-to team exercises she facilitates with her clients and I thought this would be a great addition to the meeting tips blog and a resource to hang onto for future use. Thanks for sharing, Whitney!

Below is a quick guide to creating your own team building exercise. I’ve also provided a visual, which Whitney so graciously allowed me use.

DIY Team Building Exercise:

Step 1: Grab some flip chart paper or poster board (you’ll need two pieces).

Step 2: Somewhere on the first paper write “What LIGHTS you Up?” on the second paper write “What SHUTS you Down?”

Step 3: Divide your team into 2 groups. Ask one group to identify what lights them up. Ask the other group to identify what shuts them down. After 4 minutes have the teams switch. Each group reviews the others’ chart and add their own thoughts to it.

Step 4: Debrief. Review the teams insights. Talk about what can be done to avoid the “shut downs” and what can be done to encourage the “light ups”.

DIY Team Building Exercise
Example of DIY team building exercise

This simple team building exercise provides powerful insight into the minds of your team and co-workers. What a great way to start off your Best Meeting Ever!
Got a favorite team building exercise? Share it below!


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