Your New Favorite Ice Breaker Exercise


Okay, so last week’s blog post on DIY Team Building Exercise was so popular that I’m doing one more…but this time it’s a DIY Ice Breaker Exercise. There are probably a million ice breakers for meetings, but for some reason we have a hard time figuring out the best option for our teams. I’ve provided a very simple ice breaker that we have used during our team retreats and it always sparks intriguing dialogue and fun memories.

The definition of an ice breaker is “a thing that serves to relieve inhibitions or tension between people, or to start a conversation”. What better way to start a conversation than to ask a question? The ice breaker I’ve provided below is very simple, and can easily be modified for any team or gathering.


DIY Ice Breaker Exercise:

Step 1: Think of some intriguing questions.
Need some inspiration? Pick up The Book Of Questions or Table Topics.

Step 2: Write the questions on index cards or small pieces of paper.
I’ve provided a picture below of what our meeting ice breaker questions look like, and I’m not going to lie….I got the idea from pinterest 😉

Step 3: Throw the pieces of paper in a hat, bag, envelope, or whatever you have on hand.

Step 4: Ask the questions & enjoy the answers.
You can do one of two things: a) You can have each person pull out a different question, or b) You can draw one question and have everyone answer the same question before moving on to the next question. The latter option is best for smaller groups, but normally facilitates better conversation.

DIY ice breaker exercise


As you can see, the possibilities are pretty endless. There are a variety of questions you could choose to use for your team, whether you want to ask silly questions, deep/thought-provoking questions, family oriented questions, or work related questions. Although the point of the ice breaker is to get a little more personal, so I would steer clear of the work-centered questioning.

I hope this is a helpful resource the next time you’re looking for a quick and easy ice breaker or an opening activity for a meeting. If you’re ever here at sparkspace we already have the cards available, so just ask! Have any fun “go-to” ice breakers you use for your meetings? I’d love to hear them, so click here to leave your comments.



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