You Won The Lottery!

Consider this: if you were born in America, you’ve already won the lottery. No ticket required.

You already have mega-millions, mega-resources, mega-cool people, mega-abundance, and mega-opportunity all around you every day. Americans have the ability to create, literally, anything we wish. Look around the world. There is no other place where that is more true than right here.

And it’s not just available to a select few. Our forefathers set it up so it’s available to all of us. Is it easier for some? Sure. Is it impossible for any? No way.

And yet we stand in line to buy a ticket that promises even more.

That’s just crazy.

You don’t need the lottery to create the life, the work, the satisfaction, the happiness, or the impact you desire.

You just need to start creating it. 

What would you do if you won $500 million in the lottery anyway?

  • Buy a nicer car? You can start saving for that today.
  • Buy a bigger house? Same thing.
  • Travel the world? You’d be surprised at how far you can get with the money you already have.
  • Give more to charity? Well, how much do you give now? 

What I find fascinating about lottery dreams is that so many of the things we’d do if we won the lottery, we could do right now (or sooner than later). Sure, maybe at a lesser scale, but could we make our life a bit nicer, travel a little further, and give a lot more? You could, and you know it.

Consider this: you’ve already won the greatest lottery the world has ever known.

What are you going to do with your winnings?

More importantly, why aren’t you doing it right now????


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