You Should Quit

I’m still a bit shocked by the survey results I recently read. Could it really be true that 80% of people in America don’t like their jobs? I mean, I knew the number was higher than a handful, but 80%?

Then I started looking around, watching my friends, evesdropping on people in line at Chipotle, and asking total strangers. I didn’t officially do the math, but it sure did seem like the number of unhappy employees was quite high. And I don’t blame them. There are many good reasons to be unhappy about your job: poor working conditions, jerk bosses, difficult coworkers, unreasonable demands, too much to do, pay freezes, layoffs, crappy communication, cliques, gossip, and the most legitimate reason of all — they make you pay for parking!

You should quit.

**Dramatic pause**

That’s right, I said you should quit.

Quit doing things that make you dislike your job.

Most people think that there is some magical workplace where everyone is happy, everyone strives for excellence, and everyone takes home duffle bags full of hundred dollar bills every day. Aside from sparkspace, I have never heard of another place where that actually happens. By the way, I’m just kidding about the hundred dollar bills, although we do get to take home some left over cinnamon rolls every once in awhile.

Most workplaces suck for one reason: the people who work there ALLOW it to suck, because they’ve never quit. 

Instantly someone just popped in your head that you wish would quit, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about YOU. YOU should quit.

You should quit complaining.
You should quit criticizing.
You should quit being mediocre.
You should quit thinking it’s all “their” fault.
You should quit procrastinating.
You should quit watching the clock.
You should quit avoiding crucial conversations.
You should quit saying “They should ______.”
You should quit saying “He should ______.”
You should quit saying “She should ______.”

Yes, I realize I’m saying “You should” in every sentence. Please play along.

You should quit overlooking poor quality.
You should quit being disorganized.
You should quit hoarding information.
You should quit trying to CYA (ask somebody if you don’t know what that means).
You should quit allowing others to affect you so much.
You should quit thinking life is going to be fair.
You should quit thinking it will never change (whatever “it” is).
You should quit believing what you say doesn’t matter.
You should quit gossiping.
You should quit wasting time.

Oh, I could go on and on and on and on.

So many things to quit, so little time. 

Which is why you should quit these things immediately. When you do, you’ll find that work ain’t so bad after all. You’ll discover you have a lot more control over your own happiness at work than you ever thought you did. You’ll uncover a magical workplace where everyone is happy and yelling after you, “Hey, don’t forget your duffle bag full of hundred dollar bills!” Ok, maybe not that last one. But whatever you find, it will be infinitely better than what you’re experiencing now, right?

Imagine if you just quit one of those things from above? Would things appear better? How about quitting five of them? Ok, I’m getting excited now. What about all ten? HOLY COW, what a great place to work!

This goes well beyond work, too. Our success in life often has as much to do with what we decide to quit as it does with what we decide to do. I shot this quick video this week after I decided to quit something. It led to a major “AHA” moment for me. Check it out:

So, what are YOU going to quit?

P.S. Share a comment below or email me and let me know what you’re going to quit. I LOVE hearing your responses (and so do our other readers).

P.S.S. Share this article! You always have my permission to repost, print, email, or otherwise share our articles. No permission needed. Share away. And thanks!


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