You Can’t Cook Well In A Dirty Kitchen

Ever try cooking in a dirty kitchen? It’s not the same as cooking in a spotlessly clean kitchen is it? This is true whether you’re preparing a five-course gourmet meal for your valentine or whipping up some mac & cheese (again) for your rugrats.

A dirty kitchen is chaotic and disorganized so it’s well worth learning how to clean ovens properly and get a new organising system for your pots and pans. You don’t have much room to spread out and work. Your utensils are never at your fingertips, and if they are, they’re not useful because they’ve already been soiled. In the chaos and disorganization it is also much more likely that you’ll run out of critical supplies before you realize you’re running low. My friend told me that she had a similar situation to this and was unfortunte enough to have a leak that she couldn’t identify sooner due to all the clutter. Luckierly, there were services similar to plumbers woodcliff lake nj that resolved the issues but I digress.

And even if YOU dont’ mind working in a dirty kitchen, I promise that any help you enlist will take one look and instantly wish they were somewhere else (and will probably find an excuse to go there). That’s if there is even any room for the extra hands to help.

Now picture a spotless, well-stocked kitchen. A spotless, well-stocked kitchen invites you to cook, to explore, and experiment. It’s easy to move around, and even has room for friends and family to join in the festivities. Everything you need is readily available, from the cupboard full of clean pots and pans to the pantry full of ingredients ready to be formed into your culinary pièce de résistance.

Is your kitchen dirty?

How ’bout your desk?

Your office?

Your processes?

Your relationships?

Your thinking?

Do you have room to create, collaborate, and do your best work? Or are you constantly fighting the clutter, the chaos, and confusion?

I know the answer for most of you. Because I’ve worked with hundreds of companies. I’ve seen thousands of offices. I’ve seen tens of thousands of workspaces. And I’ve seen maybe ten total that kept a clean kitchen, metaphorically speaking. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit extreme. It’s probably more like fifteen.

Your workplace is your kitchen. Your desktop is your 6-burner, commercial-grade gas-stop stove. Your laptop is your chef-quality knife set. Your storage areas are your pantry.Your mind is your recipe box.

How clean do you keep them? How well organized are they? How well stocked?

Can you honestly say you can do your absolute best work in the kitchen you’ve created? If not, what can you do today to clean it up? To make it more efficient? To get it fully stocked?

Maybe you need to:

  • physically clean up your office.
  • file that pile of stuff that’s been on your desk for a month.
  • buy another filing cabinet.
  • better yet, buy a scanner and go paperless.
  • clean up the ninety nine files on your computer desktop.
  • empty your trash.
  • de-clutter your bulletin board.
  • replace a worn-out piece of equipment.
  • fix that wobble in your chair once and for all.
  • get a better lamp.
  • unsubscribe from all those emails you never read (or don’t really need to read).
  • donate the books and magazines you’re holding on to because you might need to reference them someday (but you never will and you know it).
  • And the most important thing of all: vacuum those hole-punch dots that have been sitting on your carpet for God knows how long!

By the way, I know this may feel like an overwhelming task — I’ve seen some of your offices, remember? If it feels overwhelming, adopt another metaphor: eat that elephant one bite at a time. You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish in ten or fifteen minutes a day.

Got any ideas, apps, tools, books, etc. that help you keep your “kitchen” clean? Leave a comment!


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