Why Your Facility Contact is Basically Your Assistant


I met with a group of seasoned administrative assistants today and when asked “If you had a magic wand that could fix, help, or eliminate one of your biggest challenges/tasks, what would it be“? , one of them cleverly said “I’d have my own assistant!” She wanted someone to handle the details and make her life easier.

This got me thinking….”That’s my goal with all of our clients”.

When it comes to meetings, I want to make your life easier….I am YOUR assistant (even if you’re someone else’s assistant)! I’m sure everyone has a meeting facility they trust, one who has plenty of experience in dealing with common meeting problems. You know everything will go smoothly, lunches will arrive on time, equipment will work correctly, and your team will leave happy. The important questions is: Are you using this facility to the fullest?

When it comes to booking offsite meetings you have a meeting schedule assistant: your facility contact. That’s what we are here for…to assist! Making your life easier should be the number one priority, and if it isn’t, find another facility. It will make your life easier! With challenging schedules to accommodate, and many times multiple schedules to accommodate, travel arrangements to plan, and evening activities to coordinate,  you need to maximize the resources and expertise of your meeting facility.

Some great examples:

  • Don’t have the time to gather all the catering?  Have your facility choose your meals. Take the burden off of you. Meeting facilities, hotels, conference centers, are all pros when it comes to catering. They know what works, they know how much to order, and they know what’s good.
  • Need copies made? Need tent cards? Send these tasks to your facility ahead of time. They can have this all done prior to your meeting and it takes the small details off your plate.

If you had a magic wand what would you change in your world? What would make your life easier? Join the conversation by adding your comments below. I would love to hear them! You never know…your ideas could show up as future Best Meeting Ever tips!



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