Why we ONLY do meetings


Over the past twenty years, we’ve been asked to host nearly every kind of event you can imagine. We get it. We’re in a fun, convenient part of the city, our space has a cool atmosphere, and there’s tons of natural light and comfortable seating. It would be the perfect spot for a bridal shower, birthday party, or even a small wedding. Lately, a few people have asked if we offer co-working. But none of these things are we do. We do meetings.

Here’s why we choose to only host only business meetings:

It’s important for us to be FOCUSED.

How can we be the meeting experts if we’re trying to be everything to everybody? We can’t. That’s why we’re laser-focused on producing space, room layouts, materials, technology, and service that’s intentional. The intention being business meetings. We love being able to provide everything our clients need to have their best meeting yet. Every meeting.

It’s important for us to be MINDFUL of our staff.

We have a small, but fierce and efficient team here at sparkspace. It’s extremely important for us, as a company, to empower our team to be at their best. Work/life balance is one of our core values. Our focus on business meetings allows us to maintain the culture we’ve worked hard to create, to keep our team energized, and to always deliver the best guest service possible.

It’s important for us to be PASSIONATE about what we do.

We’ve found that we’re most aligned as a team when we’re all working towards the same goal. And when we’re all working towards the same goal our passion as a team shines through to our guests. By design, we all happen to be very passionate about creating spaces that help teams have successful meetings. This is embodied by our thoughtful and organized booking process, detailed and intentional room setups, and the unparalleled hospitality we’ve become known for.

We wanted to share why we only do meetings because we don’t believe that our space is just a space. Our space was intentionally created and designed for one purpose — to foster creativity, encourage collaboration, generate ideas and bring out the best in your team. This is why we only do meetings.


Here you'll find ideas, tips, and techniques to help make your next offsite your best meeting yet.We've learned a lot during the 15,000+ meetings we've hosted, and we never stop learning (and sharing) because meetings and teams are always evolving. Be sure to leave comments and join the conversation!