So, What Have You Learned Lately?


Greetings from Nashville! Nashville? Yes, Nashville.

I’m in Music City to attend what is turning out to be a pretty amazing workshop called StoryBrand, which teaches the framework that most great stories have in common. The point is to apply this framework to my marketing efforts to help me clarify my message.

While we keep things pretty simple and straightforward around here, I am always trying to figure out how to simplify and clarify everything about sparkspace even more. I’m a pretty simple guy, I want a pretty simple business. So I keep working on it.

It’s not over yet, but so far, this workshop is truly one of the best workshops of any kind I’ve ever attended. That got me to wondering…

What’s the best personal or professional learning or development experience you’ve ever been involved in?

Was it a workshop? A seminar? A book? An online course? A coaching program? Meeting with a mentor?

Oh, by the way, that wasn’t a rhetorical question. I really want you to tell me what it was. Make a comment below and share your best learning or development experience with me.


The Comment Contest Continues!

I’m still running a comment contest each week. Each week we toss all the comments in a hat and pick one commenter to win a prize! This week I’m giving away a copy of The Big Leap, one of the books that has been a big part of my personal development this year.

Last week’s post winner of a “Be Brave” journal and wristband was Heather Hitchcock! Congrats, Heather!



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