What Would Your Sign Say?

I drove by this place today and it really caught my attention. I fact, I had to pull over and take a picture. After all, it’s not every day you drive past the World’s Best Diner.

Do you have the cajones to do what they did? To make a bold claim about who you are and what you do? To plaster it bigger than life on the roof/side/front of your building, car, letterhead, or t-shirt?

What would your sign say?

World’s best manager?
World’s best marketing director?
World’s best cable installer?
World’s best pet groomer?
World’s best front desk clerk?
World’s best CEO?
World’s best executive assistant to the CEO?
World’s best business owner?
World’s best mom?
World’s best teacher?

World’s best ME?

Ok, here’s my next – and final – question:

WHY NOT??????

Get on it. Because you could be, you know, the best.


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