What is the Most Effective Meeting Tool?


Whiteboards. Powerpoints. They are both just tools to assist in a presentation and many times play a key role in effective meeting strategies. I would say 99.9% of our meetings here at sparkspace use one or the other to get their points/direction across to their teams. So why all the hype? Which one should you use?

Some people might say powerpoint slides are becoming a thing of the past. After all, the CEOs of both Amazon and LinkedIn have both banned powerpoint slides from their meetings! I know we’ve all scowled at the site of the presenter hooking up his/her powerpoint presentation, but if used in the correct way these slides can often offer great material and visually appealing slides. As long as the facilitator is not using it as a crutch or reading each slide word-for-word, and they are mainly used for VISUALS, they can become helpful in remembering the material and in conducting effective meetings. Studies have shown that you retain more information when the information being presented is tied to a visual picture. So remember that the next time you’re putting together your presentation for even more effective staff meetings.

Whiteboarding has become increasingly popular over the past few years; especially, within the last couple years here at sparkspace. Teams have repeatedly said, we are getting rid of the powerpoints and will only be doing whiteboarding, so we’ll need lots of markers and whiteboard space! Whiteboarding lends itself perfectly to brainstorming, mind-mapping idea building, and creativity, but it does present a problem if you need to illustrate a complex diagram or you’re trying to decipher data. Using a whiteboard during your meeting is also great for capturing ideas, since you can easily take a pic of the boards or if you’re using a smart board, you can email directly to your phone or laptop.

It’s really not about powerpoint vs whiteboard. It’s about what tools fit best with your presentation and how you want to get your point across to your team. Maybe using BOTH is the perfect combination for your next meeting.

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