What if Everyone Treated Their Customers Like This?

I read this story by Kevin Stirtz this week and absolutely loved it. Kevin was nice enough to let me share it on our blog. Thanks, Kevin!

Last summer a 12 year old lost his bike at the Minneapolis Library. It was stolen. This was traumatic for him because the bike was his independence. It was his ticket to the library which was his happy place.

The security guards at the library had gotten to know and like this kid. He brightened their day whenever he came in. Of course, they felt awful when his bike was stolen. All of a sudden his happy place was no more. His world had been turned upside down.

The next day, something amazing happened. The guards dug into their own pockets and bought their favorite library customer a new bike.

Once again, this kid could come and go to the library as he pleased. The library was his happy place once more.

This simple act of generosity made a world of difference to this 12 year old boy. It brought him back to where he was before his bike was stolen. It made him happy again.

The guards didn’t have to do this. But they did so because they cared about their customer, their friend. They wanted him to have a good experience at their library. They wanted him to be happy.

What if everyone treated their customers like this? How would our world be different if every employee of every company cared this much about their customers (and they showed it)?

How would your business be different if this sort of ‘out of the box’ thinking was the norm? How loyal would your customers be if they knew you cared that much about them? And what impact would that have on your bottom line?

If a library can do this, could your business? What’s the first step in making it happen?”

Kevin Stirtz is the Amazing Service Guy, a speaker and trainer who helps companies increase revenue and profits by delivering Amazing Service. Stirtz has been quoted in such major media as BusinessWeek, the Boston Globe, Smart Money and the Chicago Sun Times. Get a free copy of his Amazing Service Toolkit at http://amazingserviceguy.com



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