What Are You Waiting For?

More money?
A better body?
Nicer clothes?
More interesting friends?
A higher-level position?
A more expensive house?
A less expensive house?
A stylish car?
A promotion?
The lottery?
Increased confidence?
The “right” job?
The “right” husband?
The “right” circumstances?
The “right” time?
A ride?
A delivery in the mail?
The next hot thing?
A silver bullet?
A golden ticket?
Clearer directions?
More sunshine?
More rain?
More capability?
Less risk?
Less fear?
Fewer people around in case you fail?
A better boss?
Better coworkers?
Better office equipment?
Better benefits?
Better lighting?
Better coffee in the breakroom?
A better chair?

A better you?

When will you start? I could dream up things to wait for all day.

Start what?

I don’t know. What are you dragging your feet on? What awesomeness could you bring to your role, your ┬áteam, your company, your family, your community, your world?

What are you waiting for again?

I used to think, “I’ll start public speaking when I lose 30 pounds.” I mean, you gotta look good on stage, right? That was years ago. Haven’t lost it yet. Thank God I stopped waiting for it because I enjoy speaking, I’m fairly good at it, and it helps drive my business.

I used to think, “I’ll travel the world when I’m older.” Waiting to be older is one of the worst kinds of waiting ever invented. Instead of waiting, I’m planning a trip to Europe this year with my family.

I used to think (and I’m ashamed to admit it), “I’ll do my job better when they pay me to do it better.” Until one day I realized people who wait for that never do their job better. So I started providing more value than I got paid for. Experience tells me now that success always follows this approach.

It’s 2013. Stop waiting.


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