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It’s Spring and I’m in the mood to change my mood. A few weeks ago I cleaned out my closet and gave away half my clothes, including my varsity jacket. That was a great physical purge that really boosted my mood (still does every time I walk into my closet). Now I feel the urge to purge some of the mental clutter.

So, I’m going to turn off the TV.

Specifically I’m turning off The Walking Dead and House of Cards. I got started on both shows about a year ago and binged watched every episode on Netflix. I’ve been keeping up with the pretend zombies and pretend politicians ever since. And yes, saying zombies and politicians in the same sentence is redundant.

As compelling as these shows are, I really don’t like the way they make me feel when I watch them. They suck my energy in a far worse way than most television does. It’s no wonder, really. Both of those franchises showcase the worst of humanity: violence, greed, murder, selfish ambition, and more. Every time I watch them I just feel…icky. Looking back, I am surprised I got addicted to them at all. Such is the case with any drug, I suppose.

Oh yeah, I’m not watching any more debates, either. Same reason. Only those usually make me angry and sad and a little depressed. Not sure how I’ll figure out who to vote for, but I’ll find a way I’m sure.

I’d say I’m not going to watch the news anymore, either, but I gave up watching TV news (and reading the paper) years ago. That, without a doubt, has been one of the most positive things I’ve ever done.

To be clear, I’m not going full out Amish. I’ll still watch a movie here and there. I’ll still watch Shark Tank and The Profit like all good business owners should. But overall I’m going to watch TV a lot less and be a heck of a lot more picky with what I put in front of my face from now on.

Just making this decision I feel better already.

Anybody with me?


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  • Kelly Atkinson

    I have done all of those things, too. I’d rather fill my time (and mind) with content and people that inspire and uplift. Welcome to the club!

    • Thanks, Kelly. I have floated in and out of the club for years. Somehow this year I got sucked back into TV (especially over the winter). That’s one great thing about Spring: it always makes me want to get back on track with more uplifting things.

      So, what kinds of things inspire and uplift you? What are you putting in your head now?

      • Kelly Atkinson

        Spring is indeed full of hope and promises of what’s to come. Jesus is without question my primary inspiration in life so I read the Bible, listen to Christian music, read a couple daily devotionals, attend church, and gather with a small group each week to make sure I keep rooted in Him. I’m also blessed with a job and boss that allow me to continually grow & lead a group of people in serving our clients. And I thoroughly enjoy lunch breaks with other positive people, sunshine, neighborhood walks while holding my husband’s hand, and spending as much time as possible allowing my four kids (ages 6, 6, 4, & 3) to take me into their worlds.

        • If you weren’t married, I’d say that sounds like a Christian Singles ad, ha ha! But it’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • Luba Gallinger

    I’ve stopped watching the news and reading the newspaper on a daily basis for years now. It’s made a word of difference in my frustration and discontent, not because of the actual incident but how it is portrayed by media and often ignorant responses. I keep up on major news events on the web and find there is actually positive news also.

  • Carrie Saba

    I have done this too! I have really been evaluating the shows I watch and how they make me feel. I have stopped watching several that I use to be addicted too as well and stopped watching the news a while ago. From time to time, I will do a quick scan online for news and can do it in about 5 minutes and there is no drama that seems to happen on TV with the news. I also watched the first season and part of season two of House of Cards a year ago and just this week thought maybe I will pick that back up again and then I had this yuck feeling and decided – yeah no. Totally resonated with all that you shared – thanks for this reminder when choosing what we watch on TV. 🙂