Tips for Effective Meeting Communication


Last week I provided a tip for re-thinking your room setup and the importance of communicating with your facility. It is equally important to have clear communication between the facilitator, the meeting planner, and the facility in order to have the best meeting ever. In fact, communication is key across all areas of business, including global interactions; as mentioned by institutions similar to University of Southern California. In terms of meetings, all the appropriate materials, equipment, number of guests, or anything related to the setup of the meeting are all extremely important to conducting effective meetings.


sparkspace observation:

There are many scenarios in regards to miscommunication (or NO communication) and how they can interrupt the success of your meeting, but here is one example that we witness weekly at sparkspace:

Facility: “What are your specific setup needs for your meeting next week?”

Meeting planner: “A PowerPoint projector and flip charts.”

Facility: “Awesome, we’ll have your room setup and ready to go!”

(Fast forward to day of meeting)

Facilitator (who is now at the facility getting ready for his/her meeting): “Could I please have a whiteboard?”

Facility: “Of course, I’ll bring one right in!”

Facilitator: “Also, we won’t be needing projection, so could you please remove the projector and screen?”

We will always accommodate these requests, as will many other facilities, however some days it is way easier said than done. And some setups can take a long time to rearrange, particularly if your guests are already arriving when the request is made.


Tip#7: Thorough, Detailed Communication Is Key

Ideally, the facilitator — not just the meeting planner — and facility should carve out some time to discuss setup, material, and equipment needs for the event. I realize that this is not always possible, so the meeting planner is left with the task of trying to mediate between the facilitator and the facility. Again, thorough, detailed communication, both before and during a meeting, is key to having the perfect flow to the best meeting ever.


Useful idea:

One of the ground rules for effective meetings is to create an easily accessible check-off list with any equipment, materials, office supplies, etc. that would be needed during a meeting. This document can be sent off to the facilitator, who then, can promptly send it back with all the needs for the upcoming meeting. This is an easy way to get the info without a ton of emails going back and fourth. Total time saver!

Click the link below for a sample check-off list:

sparkspace magnificent meeting checklist


Part of our unique process at sparkspace is our “Pre-Meeting Detail Gameplan” where we go through our own checklist to make sure we’ve captured and confirmed all the details that will make your meeting run seamlessly. Sharing our effective meeting strategies is just part of the Best Meeting Ever Experience at sparkspace. Ready to book your next meeting?


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