Tips and Tricks to Make a Meeting Memorable


BORING MEETINGS SUCK, as author & speaker Jon Petz would put it, and we’ve all been in a boring meeting, right? Why do you think meetings can be so boring? Too many power point slides, endless note taking, tiny-print spreadsheet handouts, and the same old boring room setup. Believe me, I’ve participated in my share of boring meetings, and maybe they wouldn’t have been so boring if we wouldn’t have been afraid to mix it up a bit.

When I worked for a previous company, every year we would meet in a hotel conference room, sitting around a table, in uncomfortable chairs, for HOURS while working on employee reviews. Talk about boring and uncomfortable.

What if we would have moved down to the lobby and sat in the “comfortable” lobby chairs for a while, or broke into smaller groups for a bit and sat outside? Just these simple variations would have made a world of difference. If you’re not able to change the “not-so-fun” content of a meeting, you can at least change the environment, even if it’s for a brief time.  I know I’ve touched base on the atmosphere of a meeting, but many times guests are too afraid to change their thought process on how a meeting is “supposed” to go.

It is amazing how hard it can be to break someone out of his or her “comfort zone.” I’d be the first to tell you that I like processes and familiarity, as long as it works, but sometimes breaking out of the “comfort zone” and experimenting with fun company meeting ideas can be beneficial to you, your company, and even elevate your way of thinking. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve had clients almost revolt in disbelief when asked it they’d like their room setup in the “comfy” seating. “NO, this is a business meeting, and the room will need to be setup conference-style with projection”, is the typical reply. (normally, only first-timers to sparkspace)

If it means moving around a bit or trying something new and different, give it a try.  You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome and reactions of your team.


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