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Does the afternoon slump sound familiar to anyone? You’re in an all-day meeting and the 2 o’clock hour rolls around. Ugh. The energy has drained from the meeting room. Your coworker’s eyes are glazed over and they’re all tired from that carb-heavy lunch. Is anyone even paying attention?!?

I’ve seen the look of despair in the eyes of many “meeting-goers” as they try to escape the conference room for a quick trip to the restroom or for that non-urgent phone call that can’t wait any longer. Does anyone know how to prevent this dreaded afternoon slump?

Well, there’s hope!

Here are some easy tips on how to beat the afternoon slump.

  • Get Moving: Get your team outside! Go for a quick walk around the block or to the nearest coffee shop. It’s amazing what a little movement and vitamin D will do for your team’s morale and clarity.


  • Get Laughing: I’ve read somewhere that laughter aides in digestion. Digestion is probably the reason why we are all so tired after lunch in the first place, so why not speed up the process? During or right after lunch try incorporating some laughter. Here are couple entertaining clips that are sure to get your team rolling with laughter.


  • Get Snacking: Hold up. Don’t get too excited. This doesn’t mean the sugar-filled cookies and ice cream you had after lunch, which are likely afternoon slump causes. You need healthy snacks that provide protein, fiber, and complex carbs. Try a veggie tray or Mediterranean platter as a great alternative to the sugary snooze fest snacks we typically see in the afternoon.

Try out one of these tips during your next all-day meeting. Your team will appreciate it and you’ll be on step closer to having your best meeting ever!

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