Three Things You Should Never Leave A Meeting Without


We can have meetings all-day every day, but what is the purpose of all these meetings if we’re not taking anything away from them? How is your team being held accountable? Are you assigning follow-up actions? Make sure your next meeting is the best meeting ever by including these three things you should never leave a meeting without.



There are a dozens of topics you could be discussing during your meeting, whether it’s employees, budgets, office culture, marketing, policies, or the upcoming week. One thing that they all have in common….concluding with a decision. Will there be budget cuts? Will Sally get the promotion? How will we set this week’s room setups? How will we promote a positive culture? What are the next steps? You get the picture. If you’re not making decisions, perhaps your meeting would be more efficient through an email.



The after meeting action plan puts the decision into motion. This would be a list of items and tasks that need to be accomplished in order for the goals to be achieved. All tasks need to be assigned to a team member and they are responsible for the task completion. There also needs to be a specific date the task items need to be completed. Be specific! Saying “the end of August” is definitely not the same as “due on Friday, August 21st.”. Make sure the date is clear, so that team members know exactly what to do after a meeting.



Putting your “accountability” date on the calendar is a must! If team members leave a meeting without the follow-up date, it becomes very easy for the tasks to fall by the wayside. This may not be because the team is not motivated or doesn’t care about achieving the goals, but it’s easy to become distracted by other obligations and responsibilities. Make sure to schedule a follow-up meeting where each team member reviews their tasks and accountability.


Check out the link below for some great, FREE, Action Plan Templates to get your next meeting in motion after everyone has left the board room.

Action Plan Templates




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