Three Reasons Why You Should Book an Offsite Meeting


Staying onsite for your meeting is convenient and budget-friendly, but what about the overall productivity? Do you get the same energy and engagement from your team when you stay onsite, as opposed to offsite? I’m guessing the answer is no, but in case you’re not sure, I’ve listed three benefits of offsite meetings.


Fewer Distractions

We all know how it is trying to have an onsite meeting. Even if you’ve sworn to yourself you won’t be distracted by email or the pile of uncompleted files, how many times have you found yourself running back to your desk on breaks to answer an email or finish a file? Even if you’re disciplined enough to stay away from your desk, it’s hard to stop the interruptions of other team members “popping” in to ask a question or request something. When you are so accessible, it’s easy for others to interrupt.

The importance of offsite meetings is that they can completely eliminate the ability to run to your desk and the frequency of interruptions by other team members.


Change in Atmosphere

We’re obviously all about atmosphere here at sparkspace, but even our team knows that if we want a productive, fully engaged, successful meeting it’s nice to change it up and go offsite. A different environment can be stimulating, engaging, and gets the team out of its comfort zone, which is perfect for sparking creativity! Being able to take your team offsite is also rewarding. It’s nice to get out of the office and away from the monotony.

Planning an offsite meeting works wonders for your team’s morale and gives team members a chance to be more creative and engaging.


Team Bonding

Teams are always requesting team building activities, which are great, but just getting your team together and away from the office is a great way to promote team bonding. Some teams may not even see each other on a regular basis, whether it’s because they work on different sides of the office, they travel frequently, or one or more members works from home. Having your entire team in a different environment will promote team bonding, even if by default.

Having an offsite promotes team bonding by getting your entire team physically together in one place and out of their normal routines.


Did any of these considerations resonate with you? Do you think maybe it’s time to get your team offsite for some extra productivity, professional development, or team bonding? If you’re looking for a place to book your next offsite meeting, I know just the place! Click Here to check out the most inspirational business retreat center on the planet!



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