Three Meeting Mishaps You Can Easily Avoid

meeting mishaps

We have a ton of experience with meetings. Which means we have experience in dealing with common meeting problems. In our 17 years of helping plan meetings there are some frequent meeting mishaps that can easily be avoided by some communication with the facility ahead of time.

Below are the top three meeting mishaps and how to avoid them at your next offsite.

Meeting Mishap #1: Lack of Communication

The #1 mishap during a meeting at an offsite is the miscommunication or lack of communication between the facilitator and facility or the facilitator and the person booking the meeting. On numerous occasions, we are moving around seating arrangements, taking down or setting up projection, or running out to gather office supplies at the last minute (needlessly).

How to Avoid Mishap: Eliminate the middle-man when discussing room setup and materials/equipment needed for the meeting. This is the best way to ensure the meeting will be successful and flawless. Whoever is running the meeting should be the one discussing setups, supplies, and equipment needed for the meeting.

Meeting Mishap #2: Materials not Prepared

When materials, copies, PowerPoints, etc.. are not prepared and ready to go the day of the meeting, it can become hectic and disorganized as teams begin to arrive. The stress of frantically running around trying to get items together is not the best way to start off the day. Also, not having an agenda prepared is the biggest mishap of all.

How to Avoid Mishap: Have an agenda so you know the flow of the meeting, the supplies and equipment needed, and time frame. Please refer to my Have an Agenda blog post to learn more. Ask your facility if they can gather the supplies needed and have them in your room prior to arrival. Either have your copies pre-printed or better yet, have your facility print the items for you and have them in your room ready to go. Also, show up at least an hour early to work out any technology issues before the team arrives.

Meeting Mishap #3: Not Ordering Food or Enough Food

This is one of the easiest team meeting problems to avoid, and yet somehow it still happens. The last thing you want is your team coming into a full day meeting at 8am and having nothing to fuel their bellies. I’ve also seen groups order food for the correct number of guests, and then invite ten more for lunch, which obviously means there would not be enough food. Food is the most exciting part of the meeting, so make sure you have it!

How to Avoid Mishap: This one is obvious; order food, and enough to feed the entire team. One of the best ways to ensure there is enough food is to ask the facility for their feedback. The meeting planners are the experts, and they will be able to assist you in ordering the correct amount of food and suggesting what food to order.

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