Three Common Offsite Meeting Problems and How to Solve Them

teams hate offsite

We all have thoughts that run through our heads when we know we’re attending an offsite, and they aren’t always positive. Listening to guests over the years here at sparkspace, you get a good idea of what teams like and what they dislike about their offsite experience. I thought I’d let you in on some common problems with offsite business meetings.

Change in Commute:

It’s already hard enough getting to work in the morning, when you have to consider traffic, weather, accidents, and school drop-offs. Now try adding in arriving to a location you’re not exactly sure how to get to. Of course GPS and all the new traffic apps are amazing, but when you have to be somewhere different and on time it completely changes your morning routine.

The Solution: There are a couple ways to make the change in commute easier on the team. First, make sure everyone on the team has specific directions and knows exactly where to park, especially if the facility does not have its own parking lot. Secondly, try starting your meeting at an off time. Starting your meeting at 7:30am or 9:30am eliminates much of the morning rush hour, and makes for a smoother, less stressful commute.

Lame Food:

Let’s face it, not all offsite meetings are a barrel of fun and we need something to look forward to, right? Typically this is the food. How many times have you been to a meeting and all you get is a sandwich platter at lunch? This is not exactly something to look forward to, and definitely doesn’t re-energize the team.

The Solution: Provide good food, and lots of it. If your only option is a sandwich platter for lunch, that’s fine, but add a morning snack break, a dessert, and/or an afternoon snack. This is a great way to keep the team happy and energized during the meeting.

Cannot get their Work Done:

Going offsite for the day can really wreak havoc on your daily tasks and work productivity. With the amount of emails we all receive it can become overwhelming if you’re not checking your email constantly, and that’s exactly what the team is thinking when an offsite is scheduled.

The Solution: Give your team adequate time to prepare for the offsite so they can anticipate the workload and get things done early. Also, giving your team the option to arrive at the offsite facility early, or stay an hour or so later will give them time to catch up on emails or complete unfinished projects. This would need to be planned with the facility so there are no unforeseen charges, but it’s a great option to provide the team so they do not feel like they are missing out on an entire day of work.


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