The Ultimate Business Meeting Gift Guide


We’ve all been to a conference or meeting that provided a thank you gift or “swag” right? I’m sure you all have appreciated and used these items on a regular basis…wink, wink. I, myself, have acquired quite the collection of mouse pads, plastic water bottles, and keychains over the past few years. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but these gifts are supposed to show appreciation and graditude, so let’s make sure that’s happening.

How about adding some spark to your gifts and fore-go the “chotchkie” items we’re all tired of, and provide your teams a gift with value. How about a gift that your team will actually use and appreciate? I’ve provided some solutions to your next business meeting gift ideas. These conference bag fillers are sure to have your team talking!


Personalized Gifts

Depending on the size of your team or your budget, nothing says thank you like taking the time to personalize conference gifts for attendees. This doesn’t mean you have to have their name printed or engraved on items, although having an engraved leather-bound journal would be pretty cool. Knowing their hobbies or favorite coffee shop and giving them a gift card lets them know you pay attention and care about their interests.


Techy Gifts

Technology is everywhere and most people enjoy receiving a techy gift, which makes this option very popular with meeting goers. These options are also more reasonably priced than what they once were, and will most likely not be left behind after the meeting has concluded. Here’s a short list of affordable, techy gifts which can all be branded.

Phone chargers


Selfie remotes/sticks

Wireless speakers

The Tile

Stylus Pens


Community Focused Gifts

I know conference swag and meeting gifts can become pricey, so how about partnering with a local business? Partnering with someone in your community benefits both parties. The local business gets great exposure and you potentially get a great deal on a local product. Whether it’s a bakery/candy shop or a t-shirt company, you can’t go wrong supporting your local businesses.


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My Boss Thinks I Rock




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