The Top Five Things I’m Thankful I DON’T Have This Year

As you sit around the dining table on Thanksgiving — right before you pass out from that extra bite of turkey or tofu — be sure to give thanks for all the wonderful things you’ve been blessed with this year.

Oh, and don’t forget to give God a big ‘ol high five for the things you DON’T have as well. Because sometimes those are the best gifts of all.

Here are the top five things I’m thankful I DON’T have in 2011:

  1. Debt. Nothing has created more possibility in my life than being debt-free.
  2. An ex-wife. I’m still quite happy with my first (and last) wife, thank you.
  3. Disease. I’ve got a lot of contribution I still want to make to this world. Disease would kinda put a damper on that.
  4. My 12-year-old piece of doo-doo mini-van. Never knew how bad it really was until I replaced it with something much, much better (paid for with cash, by the way…see item #1).
  5. Lame employees. Been there, done that. Business is a whole lot more fun when you work with people that “get it.”¬†

What’s on your list? I’d love to hear what kinds of things you’re glad you DON’T have in your life right now. Share with the world by leaving a comment.

Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week!


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