The Three Types of Meetings You Should Hold Offsite

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There are meetings for just about everything, from weekly “catch-up” meetings, budget meetings, forecasting, employee reviews, the list goes on and on. Although each of these meetings have their place and purpose, we don’t need to go off-site for all of them. We should however, go offsite for a select few. Getting your team away from the office is important; whether you’re doing a team building event, going through a re-org, or revamping your entire brand, there are some meetings the should always be held offsite.


Strategy Meetings

Strategy meetings need the entire team’s full focus, and we all know that if you stay onsite the day will be full of distractions. Team members checking emails, running back to their offices on breaks, and co-workers “popping” in with an urgent issue. One of the benefits of offsite meetings is that they eliminate most of these distractions (with the exception of checking email), and keeps the team present and engaged in the conversation.

Why you should go offsite for strategy meetings: Strategy meetings demand the attention of each team member and a distraction-free facility would promote team engagement and full participation.


Team Building Retreats

If there’s ever a reason to go offsite, it’s for a team building/bonding event. Most team building involves some sort of games, activities, scavenger hunts, etc. Leaving the office does seem to be the theme of team bonding, and rightfully so. What better way to get to know the people you work with than to hang out outside of work? You get a glimpse of their personality in a whole new perspective. Team offsite activities encourage coworkers to talk about non-work topics, such as family, hobbies, or sports.

Why you should go offsite for a Team Building Meeting: Team building/bonding meetings encourage co-workers to engage in discussion other than work related topics, which brings the team closer. 


The “Tough Discussion” Meetings

At some point in everyone’s career, there will be meetings that are not so pleasant. These meetings could involve discussing reviews, reorganizations, budget decreases, letting employees go, absorbing new team members, HR issues, you get the picture. No one enjoys these discussions or making these decisions, but they have to be done. Going offsite for these high-stress, intense meetings is needed for discretion.

Why you should go offsite for the “Tough Discussion” Meetings: Tough discussion meetings typically need full discretion and are often high-stress. Going offsite provides a little relief and a distraction-free space for team members to work through hard decisions.


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