The Detail Only You Can See

This is my new favorite shirt.

It’s purple.

It’s got cool patterns.

My wife insisted I buy it.

My dad thinks it looks like pajamas.

The main reason I like this shirt, though, is the detail only I can see. This picture shows the underside of the collar. It’s a different fabric than the rest of the shirt. And you can really only see it when you flip the collar up like the Fonz. If you’re under 35, I realize you may not know who the Fonz is, so here’s a handy link. Try to keep up.

Of course, I never wear it with the collar flipped up. So why go to the trouble of sewing in a detail that only my laundry lady (um, that would be my wife)  and I will see?

Maybe it’s because they ran out of the other fabric. Maybe the designer was smokin’ weed. Maybe someone at the factory did it on this one shirt to see if anyone would notice.

Or maybe it shows that someone cares about the details that nobody can see. Maybe it shows that not everyone performs their job to the accepted – and expected – mediocre standard. Maybe it is simply to deliver a moment of surprise and pleasure to the person who irons it each week (um, that would be me). All of these reasons are why it’s my new favorite shirt. Plus, I look good in purple.

By the way, this is one of the most expensive shirts I own. And I quickly and happily paid the price, mainly because of the detail only I can see.


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