The Best Ways to Reenergize your Team Members


Picture this: You have been in a meeting all day. It’s 3:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon. You have just come back from your last scheduled break during an all-day meeting. The entire team is glassy-eyed and ready to go home, but you have more ground left to cover. Sound familiar? Well, you are not alone. This unfortunate snafu happens to even the most charismatic facilitators.

So how to energize employees for performance and productivity, you ask? Read on…

My observation:

The number one question here at sparkspace is “Do you have quick energizers for meetings or energizing team building activities?”. Okay, wait. I lied. The number one question is “Where are the restrooms?”, but…the engagement question is definitely a close second.

Facilitators are asking about “energizers”, but how many are actually using them when they should? Typically, meetings begin fairly energized. You’re excited to be away from the office, or away from your desk. Maybe you’re seeing people you don’t normally see on a day-to-day basis, and there’s a bit of excitement. By mid- to late-afternoon this excitement has normally dwindled. I’ve walked into many meetings in the afternoon, and it’s a snooze fest. THIS is when you need team motivation activities, as well as looking into these 6 points highlighted by the Norwich University blog in how to best boost team productivity.


Tip #2: Re-Energize Your Team

Keeping your team engaged during a meeting is a difficult task, especially after a full day of budgets, forecasts, strategies, and/or problem solving. If you lose your team’s interest late in the day what’s the point of continuing? Energy is low, minds are drifting, and time is wasting away. Your team needs a jolt of energy!

So how to energize team members? Nothing gets their attention better than stopping the meeting, and completely changing gears. Go for a quick power walk outside or around the building, talk about something completely unrelated to work for 10-15 minutes, or, if you’re at sparkspace, grab our bucket of toys and start playing a game of frisbee or kickball. If your team is not engaged, they won’t be participating, and they certainly won’t be retaining information. Remember, a quick “mental” step-away will easily rejuvenate your team and get them back on track and focused for a strong finish to your well planned meeting.


Useful idea:

ThumballWe have a great tool we use at sparkspace called a Thumball (TM). This tool is the perfect way to energize (or re-energize) your team when the eyes start glazing over. A Thumball looks very similar to a soccer ball, except it is much softer. Each ball has multiple questions or scenarios ranging from “What’s your favorite movie?” to “Act like you’re riding a bike”. You toss the ball to someone on your team and whichever question or activity their thumb lands on is the question they have to answer. While Thumballs aren’t super expensive, you could easily make your own with a beach ball and permanent marker. So if you need a quick jolt of energy to get your team refocused, grab one of these creative Thumballs for your next meeting!


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