The Best Team Bonding Experiences for Every Budget

The purpose behind planning any type of team experience is to provide the opportunity to share ideas, experience new things, and bond with the people you work with. This team experience doesn’t have to require extra dollars, either. Below, I’ve listed a few (very) simple suggestions to help get you started on your next “BEST” team experience:

1. Sign up for (or plan!) a food tour.
Food tours typically range between $30 and $70 per person and they serve as not only a great way to experience some of the tastiest foods in your town, but also a brilliant way to get out and learn more about your community. No food tours near you? No worries! Research some local restaurants and plan one of your own, based on your own budget allowance!

2. Go on a scavenger hunt.
Scavenger hunts present a fantastic opportunity to get out of the office, have fun, and work on building relationships within your team. Dependent upon the size of your team, you can break up into smaller groups or go out individually on the hunt, making it a goal to work together in order to get to the finish line. sparkspace now offers a their own scavenger hunt in the Arena District called, The Hunt!

3. Volunteer together.
One of the easiest and most character-building ways to bond with your team is to volunteer together. This option is also completely free. All it takes to find where you’re needed is nothing more than a simple Google search within your community. You can also send out a message on social media to let others know that you and your team are looking for a great cause to volunteer for.

4. Host A Team Game Night.
Another simple, fun, and budget-friendly option for you and your team. Gather a list of everyone’s favorite fun team games (if you’re in need of suggestions, give Apples to Apples, Taboo, 5-Second Rule, Monopoly, or Mad Libs a try!), coordinate a pot-luck style dinner, and plan for a fun night of eating yummy food and experiencing many laughs with your team as you work together on whatever game you choose! Read our other article about the benefits of playing games together.

As you can see, the trick behind making any team experience the “best” is not about spending more money; it’s about having fun, sharing ideas, experiencing new things, working together, and building relationships with the people you work with. If you can stay on track with that mindset, then I can promise that you’ll soon be able to walk away with your own “Best Team Experience” story to share!


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