The Best Photographer On The Planet

We had a family photo shoot with Amy Parrish today. Amy Parrish is the best photographer on the planet. Here’s why:

1. She takes GREAT pictures.
2. She knows how to talk to you, your kids, and your dog so you all look natural.
3. She gave my kids really big, really fun suckers when the photo shoot was over. I’m talking about a huge, swirly, old-fashioned dime store kind of sucker.

Who gives away big suckers? Somebody who understands how to please a customer, that’s who. Think my kids won’t ask me when we’re taking pictures again? You bet they will.

Plus, it sure is fun to watch your kids get super excited over an unexpected surprise.

Isn’t that the essence of truly amazing customer service? Consistently delivering the unexpected.

What’s the equivalent of a huge sucker in your business? Find something to surprise and delight your customers. You’ll find them coming back (and looking forward to it).

Amy has taken pictures of my family several times, takes all of our staff pictures at sparkspace, and has also taken great pictures of sparkspace itself. She even took that nice picture of me on the right side of the blog. If you need a photographer for any reason, check out


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