The Best Meeting Icebreakers


sparkspace is filled with games, toys, potato heads, candy, and an atmosphere that oozes creativity and fun. Naturally we seem like the perfect place to find fun ideas and activities for a meeting. “What breakout activities do you have?” as well as “what are good team building icebreakers for meetings?” are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Icebreakers are meant to get your team loosened up and break up any uncomfortable boundaries between team members, which is why they are perfect opening activities for meetings. You can also add in an icebreaker or breakout activity late in the day to break up the monotony of a meeting, or to help re-energize team members.

I know I’ve mentioned our favorite icebreaker in a previous blog, but here it is again…..The Thumball. Our clients love this icebreaker! A Thumball looks very similar to a soccer ball, except it is much softer. Each ball has multiple meeting icebreaker questions or scenarios ranging from “Who’s your favorite artist?” to “Act like you’re swinging a baseball bat”. You toss the ball to someone on your team and whichever question or activity their thumb lands on is the question they have to answer or scenario they have to act out. This is a great way to get the team talking, laughing, and participating. We also sell thumballs at sparkspace, so next time you’re here for your best meeting ever you can pick one up!

Below I’ve provided our “break-out/icebreaker” idea document, which gives you some creative outlets when you have a meeting at sparkspace. I’ve also researched multiple sites, and have found one with great icebreaker ideas, which I’m also providing for reference.

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Meeting breakout ideas

Five Awesome Meeting Icebreakers to Keep Your Teammates Happy




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