Would You Dare To Say This to YOUR Boss?

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A note about today’s post:

Last week I received the very personal thank-you note below from Heather (one of my valued team members). Not only did she send it to me, she strongly suggested that I post it on our blog and send it in our weekly email.

I didn’t want to.

To be honest, as flattering as it is…and as much as it makes me proud…it made my stomach tighten up to think about sharing it with you.

It felt too self-serving, too “look at me, I’m the best boss in the whole world.” It felt like bragging (even though I’m not the one doing it).

But the more I thought about it, the more I felt like this is a post the world needs to hear, because the world needs examples of people who are trying to make a positive difference.

I’m sharing it because I’m proud of what we’re doing here. I’m sharing it because this is really what I set out to do with my business. I’m sharing it because it’s not just an example of what I’m trying to be as a boss, but also an example of what a truly amazing employee looks like. By the way, my whole team is like this right now (I’m incredibly blessed). Heather just happened to articulate these thoughts in a very powerful way.

I’m sharing it because I want more people to experience what we get to experience every day at sparkspace and The Rockstar Academy.

It’s a little longer than normal, but it’s worth the extra minute or two. My wish and my request is that you read this in the spirit that it was intended: not to brag, but to open our lives to you, to share and to inspire.

Mark Henson
sparkspace & The Rockstar Academy


A Thank You To My Boss

I have the fortunate gift of being able to work with business professionals that are (usually) at the top of the food chain in their organization. This might not mean they have the top role, but it almost always means that they are a top contributor, a top example, and invest in their top desire to achieve much.

At The Rockstar Academy, one of the (many) ways we support these professionals is to help them create an “inspirational” toolbox that they can draw from when they aren’t feeling so connected or need a bit of motivation.

I encourage you to let someone know that you have a place of thanks reserved for them.  Your never know how much it might mean to them.

For my boss…

April 16, 2014

Dear Mark,

It is extremely important to me that I let you know how much you’ve impacted my life. Who knew that 14 years ago when I watched you start this super-awesome-fun company that one day I would come to work for you.

Thank you for stalking my Facebook posts 4 years ago – observing the person that I had become and the potential behind my public expression. Thank you for following your gut and inviting me for “coffee, just so we can catch up”. Thank you for rooting my awe and wonderment about sparkspace in the possibilities of me bringing my best self to join the team.

Thank you for believing in me and seeing what “could be”.

Thank you for seeing my value through my need to have one of the most flexible jobs that I’ve ever had. Thank you for supporting and professionally pushing through the changes that my life has taken over the last three years and having the patience to understand that as I cleared challenges and continued to grow, that your company was a strong instrument that helped me along the way.

Thank you for pushing.

Thank you for keeping an open door, right out of your organization, because you get it.  People aren’t to be owned and they will come and go.  Thank you for being a boss with a mission to help people where they are in your life, today, not where you want them to be in your life in the future. Thank you for commitment to the present.

 Thank you for bringing your whole-self to our team – your work life and your home life. Thank you for your personal example of being a great husband to your wife and a caring father for your children. I pay attention and I learn a lot from this example. Thank you for having such a giving family, complete with real-life issues and real-life achievements.

Thanks for being real.

Thank you for giving your employees a crazy amount of opportunity to become smarter, wiser, stronger – better.   

 Your company has provided me the ground to connect again with my voice and realize the possibilities for my life that were seeded a long time ago. I’ve had the ability to help shape the future of an organization, without the risk and challenge of the company being my own. Thank you for allowing your employees the chance to do this. I believe you may not fully understand the depth of what you are doing here….but please know that I am ever-grateful.

With love,



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