Stop Wishing For A Jackpot

The most depressing moment I have ever experienced was not in a ghetto, a slum, or some place devastated by a natural disaster.
The most depressing moment I have ever experienced was inside The Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas at 6:30am last Thursday morning.
I was in Vegas for a business mastermind session with 4 colleagues from around the country. Before you think, “Yeah, right, a BUSINESS meeting. Wink wink.“, it really was a working weekend. We were probably the most boring group of 5 in all of Vegas. Nobody got crazy, nobody got arrested, and nobody stole Mike Tyson’s tiger. Truth be told, we never even saw Mike Tyson’s tiger or this story may have turned out differently.
To prove how not crazy we were, a couple of us went running at 6:30am on Thursday. In spite of billing itself as a 24-hour town, most people have depleted their blood sugar and/or bank account long before 6:30am, so it’s a relative ghost town except for a handful of hard-core slot machine addicts. Which brings me to the most depressing moment I have ever experienced.
Waiting for my running buddies near the casino entrance, I noticed the few early morning gamblers hunched over in their chairs, cigarette in hand, feeding coin after coin into the machine, eyes staring blankly at the rotating numbers, hoping for a jackpot. Many of them would probably also enjoy online Jackpot Slots , they might already use them from time to time. My friend does and really enjoys them.
My cousin, Mike, describes this scene most poetically and quite perfectly:
“…slumped over the slots like a tattered rebel flag after a battle. All their dreams of winning, and money and pride gone…only a crumpled body remained.”
They were quietly, yet desperately waiting for the big win. Many for years. Some for decades. Never landing the life-changing jackpot they were hoping for.
That’s depressing enough, yes?
But one more element clinched it as the most depressing moment I’ve ever experienced. As I made my way to the exit for my run, the overhead speakers began to play “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher.
I almost cried for the crumpled rebel flags.
I never felt more grateful for a run, my friends, and the lifetime of opportunity ahead of me.
Life is long and short at the same time. Most of us have plenty of time to accomplish a lot. We have plenty of time to live fully and connect meaningfully with friends and family. We have plenty of time to build a great career or business. We have time to do pretty much whatever we want to do.
But it ALL depends on where we put our focus, time, money, hope, and energy. I think that’s what depressed me so much about the gamblers. They put their focus, time, money, hope, and energy in the wrong place. This is not only in Vegas: in Norway, casino på nett and spilleautomater offerings have caused these incidents and hopes for big jackpot wins to skyrocket. They’re wishing for a jackpot that will never come. Because what they’re focusing on will never pay off the way they hope it will. Because jackpots don’t come from luck. With this being said, if you have faith that you may win one day, checking out something simple like casino euro online could help you get one step closer to achieving your dream of winning the jackpot. Even if the outcome isn’t what you want, it is important to know when to stop. By playing games on a casino phone, you also eliminate the need to go to a physical casino so you need not worry about spending all your time in Sin City; you can have fun from home!

Jackpots come from focusing on the right things.

One of my favorite sayings applies here:
What you focus on is what you move toward.
If you put your time, energy, and resources toward a great marriage, raising healthy kids, or being a rockstar at work, what do you think you’ll get? Jackpot every time. None of these awesome and worthwhile things happen through luck. They require focus and a bit of work. A plan doesn’t hurt, either.

So what’s your plan? Are you wishing for a jackpot? Or are you putting your focus on a real, achievable, worthwhile prize?


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