Stop Going To The Office!

I stopped going to the office a long time ago. I suggest you do the same.

“But where will I work?” you ask.

In your studio.


Aren’t studios for artists, designers, movie stars, and musicians? Yes, yes they are. And that’s what you are.


You’re the designer of your own life. You’re the creator of your own career. You approach your work like an artist approaches a canvas. Yes or no?

If you don’t think of yourself that way, you should and you know it. Sometimes all it takes is a shift of vocabulary.

A studio is where you go to think, create, design, build, and be a rock star. Yay!

The office is where you go to do paperwork. Yuck.

A studio has a mysterious aura, as if the place itself contains some creative magic.

The office is predictable and boring.

A studio has energy, color, and tools that help you create cool stuff.

The office has staplers and hole punches.

A studio is full of creatives, mavericks, and world-changers. Yay, again!

The office is full of office workers. Yuck, again.

A studio is the place where you do your absolute best work.

The office has a TV show that makes fun of it.

Here’s the great news. You don’t have to break your lease or find an abandoned ad agency to move into. You just need to think about your current workspace differently.

Start by calling it a studio.

“Yeah, Bob, I’m headed to my studio right now.”

“Let me send you that information when I get back to my studio.”

“We could meet at your office, or we could meet at my studio.”

I truly believe that if you start thinking about your space this way, your space will begin to transform. It may be subtle at first, like finding a new home for your stapler and hole punch in a drawer. You might eventually go so far as to paint a wall your favorite color and begin to surround yourself with all kinds of positive nouns (people, places, things, and ideas) that inspire you. Having a clean studio can help as well. If you’re interested, consider chatting to Green Facilities, they will have you studio looking presteen.

A word of warning, though. If you call it a studio, but treat it like an office, your brain will recognize the inconsistency and it will reach out and smack you. Once your brain hears this idea, it will want to go to a studio every day instead of an office. And the last thing you want to disappoint is your own brain.

I’d love to hear how you could transform your office into a studio (or how you’ve already done so). Post a comment and share your ideas with the world!


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