Staples Rocks!

I bought some new software at my local Staples about a week ago. It was offered with a substantial rebate. If you’ve ever had a rebate from Staples, you know how easy they make it. You can still mail in your rebate if you wish, but they’ve made it so easy to enter your rebate online. I’ve used their easy rebate website many times and it always does what it says it does.

Here was the completely unexpected surprise. Since I scanned my rewards card when I made the purchase, the Staples computers knew I was due a rebate. Today, I got an email reminder just to make sure I didn’t forget to apply for the rebate. I was shocked. A company that reminds you that they own YOU money! Imagine that. They truly make me feel like I’m important to them (or at least to their computers). Either way, I’m getting a big chunk of money back and believe me, I won’t mind spending some of it at Staples. Now that’s a loyalty program!


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