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Planning an out-of-town event can be overwhelming. Researching hotels, organizing evening activities, and finding the perfect restaurant is a daunting task. So why not ask for help? Most hotels and conference facilities have coordinators or a concierge service to simplify the planning. We say take full advantage of this service! Your venue partner should be used for every aspect of your meeting. Using your venus as a resource will make your life easier!

Here are 5 easy steps to help simplify the meeting planning process for your next out-of-town event:

  • Step 1: Ask the venue for hotel recommendations. This saves you the hassle of researching nearby hotels on your own. The venue most likely has partnered with hotels, which could lead to discounted pricing.
  • Step 2: Ask the venue if they can arrange for a car service or transportation. This could be used during your event or to and from the airport. If they do not provide this service they will be able to recommend local transportation companies.
  • Step 3: Ask the venue about all-inclusive packages. The all-inclusive packages are typically a better deal and save you the headache of having to choose catering options. These are definitely the easiest option when planning out-of-town events (and yes, sparkspace does have an all-inclusive option that includes catering, parking and room rental all in one price!)
  • Step 4: Ask the venue for local restaurants and evening activity ideas. Every town has hidden-gems so asking your local facility for recommendations may be the only way to found out about these amazing places. The facility can setup reservations for dinner or book your evening activities. This is something the Guest Happiness Team at sparkspace is always happy to help with!
  • Step 5: Ask the venue about shipping materials. If meeting materials can be sent prior to the event, this saves you the hassle of traveling with extra baggage or the potential of losing materials. The facility staff may even be able to setup materials beforehand.

Remember, maximize the resources and expertise of your meeting venue. It could save hours in planning and researching!

About Leah Senecal

Leah is the Director of Guest Happiness at sparkspace...the most inspirational business retreat center on the planet. Leah is passionate about providing outstanding customer service and helping you have your best meeting ever!