89+ Ways To Simplify Your Life

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***For the record, I really hate the headline of this article because I get so tired of seeing these types of headlines. HOWEVER, when I saw how many ideas there were, I made an exception.***

I think I’ve become a simplicity junkie.

I say that because the more I learn about simple living, the more I want to know. I seek simplicity in everything. I’m constantly asking myself, “How can I make this more simple? or “What’s the most simple way we can do this?”

I devour simplicity tips like they’re M&Ms. I read articles and books on simplicity. I lost count of how many blog articles I’ve consumed. I make almost weekly trips to The Container Store to figure out how to simplify the various spaces that I occupy.

Yes, I realize the irony of a never-ending thirst for simplicity, and yet I keep seeking and learning and applying new ways to simplify my life and work.

Last week I harnessed the power of Facebook to gather even more tips on simplicity. I made this request to a couple of private Facebook groups that I belong to:

Name one of the best ways you’ve simplified your life.

As a simplicity junkie, I gotta tell ya, I got quite a buzz from the responses and I was pleasantly surprised at the number of replies. What I love about the ideas on this list is that they are real-world examples from real-world people. Some are tried, true, and well-known techniques. Others are fresh new tips that will give you some new things to try.

The responses are in no particular order and I have re-written them in tip form. Not all will apply to you or even be possible for you, but I believe there are a handful of gems in here for everyone.

And by all means, add to the list by leaving a reply. I find there’s always room for more simplicity.

Enjoy…and simplify!

1. Quit your job.
2. Do what you love, and release expectations (your own and others) about “should” and “the way it is done”.
3. Stop caring about the past…and future.
4. Stop watching the news.
5. Prep your meals.
6. Turn off notifications and badges on your phone apps.
7. Cut your wardrobe down to one load of laundry.
8. Move from your big home to a small rental near the beach.
9. Move from your expensive state/city to a more affordable one.
10. House sit for others instead of owning one.
11. Get rid of your television.
12. Stop arguing with people.
13. Use online appointment scheduling software.
14. Pay bills online.
15. Pay as many bills as you can automatically.
16. Hire a housekeeper (MANY SAID THIS!)
17. Work from home.
18. Have one set of sheets per bed so you never have to fold sheets or store all that extra linen.
19. Workout at home instead a a gym to save time.
20. Let go of grudges.
21. Get a Roku or Apple TV and get rid of cable.
22. Use Google Alerts to bring interesting news to you instead of surfing endlessly to find it.
23. Stop watching the news.
24. Stop reading the newspaper.
25. Learn how to say no.
26. Work closer to home.
27. Move closer to work.
28. Sell everything and live out of a backpack.
29. Distance yourself from negative people (even family).
30. Accept that not everyone loves you.
31. Stop trying to please everyone.
32. Upgrade physical products to digital products.
33. Clear out weeks’, months’, or years’ worth of accumulation. If you’ve got some large items that need moving, get a junk removal team to come out and sort it for you. It’ll make life much easier!
34. Follow this rule: If you haven’t used it in a year, give it away.
35. Throw away all your socks and buy ones that are all the same.
36. Donate everything you can to a worth charity.
37. Put away all the dishes you really don’t need and stop using your dishwasher.
38. Stop caring what other people thing.
39. Cut boring people out of your life.
40. Stop worrying about matching socks.
41. Keep only 20 items of clothing.
42. Follow the “1 in 1 out” rule: for every piece of new clothing that enters your closet, one must leave.
43. Only have things in your house that are useful or aesthetically pleasing. Get rid of everything else.
44. Stop taking action that isn’t working for you.
45. Fix or get rid of broken stuff and stuff that doesn’t work well.
46. Reduce your overhead.
47. Follow Timothy Ferris’ DEAL philosophy: Define, Eliminate, Automate, Liberate.
48. Live life. Work to make it possible, not the other way around.
49. Make mindful decisions.
50. Move within biking distance of work.
51. Remove people who do nothing but waste time on nonsense.
52. Use Basecamp (the app).
53. Make a list of things that make you happy. Make a list of things you do every day. Compare the lists. Adjust accordingly.
54. De-clutter.
55. Put a carabiner on your keys and hook them to your purse or belt loop to keep from losing them.
56. Take Fridays off, but keep the kids in daycare so you can get stuff done or simply breathe.
57. Turn off Facebook notifications on your devices.
58. Get off Facebook.
59. Become your own boss.
60. Make an effort to be with positive people.
61. Unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t want to receive anymore.
62. Hire a virtual assistant.
63. Take one day at a time.
64. Use a service like www.GetMagicNow.com to get things done.
65. Get the kids out of the house ASAP.
66. Always be organized.
67. Exercise more so you have more energy.
68. Move outside of the US.
69. Take all school holidays off with your kids.
70. Get rid of your smart phone and get a pre-paid phone for emergencies.
71. Prep for your morning routine the night before.
78. Wear your workout clothes to bed.
79. Use Amazon Subscribe (a relatively new feature that allows you to automatically order items you buy on a regular basis, like laundry detergent).
80. Shop online.
81. Grocery shop at ALDI instead of giant grocery stores.
82. Become debt-free.
83. Stop buying lots of presents for kids’ birthdays and create memories instead.
84. Fire everything that isn’t working in your life.
85. Quit groups that you get no value from (or that get no value from you).
86. Clean out your bookshelves.
87. Stop making plans that fill up your weekends.
88. Give back (or turn down) a promotion or position if it is not the right fit for you.
89. When you’re in over your head, ask for help. Preferably sooner.

Your turn. Add your ideas in the comments below. What’s one of the best ways you’ve simplified YOUR life?


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