Simple Fixes For Dramatic Life Improvement


I often overlook simple fixes that hold the power to dramatically improve my life.

Take my glasses for instance. I’ve always been blessed to have pretty good eyesight. My eye doctor even recently told me, “For a guy your age, your eyesight is about as good as it gets.” I took that as a compliment, although I did wonder what he meant by “a guy your age”.

I’ve never needed “real” glasses (you know, prescription specs). But recently I have had to purchase a pair or two or ten of reading glasses from Walgreens. I was a bit disturbed that they put them at the end of the adult diaper aisle. Maybe that’s what my optometrist meant by “a guy your age”. First reading glasses, then incontinence, then a walker, then the nursing home. Geez, I’d better start crossing more stuff off my bucket list.

So I have these reading glasses strewn about my life. There’s a pair on my nightstand, a pair that floats around the living room, a pair on my desk at work, a pair in my briefcase, and sometimes a pair in the bathroom because, let’s face it, some days that’s the only place a man can get enough peace and quiet to read an entire chapter of a book.

And yet, even with glasses almost always within reach, I forget to put them on. Oh, my eyes eventually fatigue enough to make the words too blurry to decipher. THEN I have no choice. Of course, when I wait that long to feel around my blurry world for my closest pair of glasses, I have usually developed a raging headache that stays with me until I go to bed.

I told my doctor about this, thinking maybe I finally needed glasses full-time. He said, “Why don’t you just put on your reading glasses sooner?”

I replied, “Really? That’s what they teach you in optometry school?” Actually, I only said that in my head. You should never question someone who has the tools to shoot puffs of air into your eyes. Out loud I said “I’ll give that a try, doc.”

It’s such a simple thing, really. Put on my glasses BEFORE I need them and my world becomes crystal clear and a whole lot more pain-free. So why do I forget something so simple, yet so life-improving.

Motivational guru Jim Rohn said it: “What’s easy to do is also easy not to do.”

What I try to do with my glasses is to make it super easy to put them on. That’s why I have several pair placed strategically (i.e., strewn) about the house. If I had to get up and search for my glasses all the time, well, then I’d probably have even more headaches. If they’re within reach, that makes it a whole lot easier to put them on when — I mean before — I need them.

How often have you written with a dull pencil that could easily be sharpened, or worked around a messy desk that could easily be cleaned up, or sat at a wobbly table that could easily be leveled with a folded up business card?

These seem like little things, but they can really wear you out, can’t they? When you fix them, isn’t life suddenly so much more enjoyable? C’mon, when you fix a wobbly table you know it improves your whole day.

Take a moment and look around your world right now. What’s a simple thing you can fix that will dramatically improve your productivity, your surroundings, your mood, or your quality of life? Drop it into the comments below, then go fix it. Better yet, go fix it, then come right back here and thank me. 😉


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