Do You Shrink Or Shine?

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A few weeks ago I read an article written by one of my long-time friends and collaborators. I immediately asked her if I could publish it on my blog and she said, “Heck yeah!” So this week, I give you the brilliant thoughts of my favorite change agent, Whitney Bishop.


Do you tend to shrink or shy away from opportunities to play bigger, to shine? For many of you, there is a pattern. You can play big when it’s time to show up for someone you love or someone you respect. You can play big when other people are watching or when your reputation is at stake. But what happens when it comes time for you to show up for yourself? Sometimes you shrink.  What’s up with that?

Each opportunity to step outside your comfort zone to embrace or create change in your life brings with it the natural tendency to resist, to hide, to shrink. It’s the night to the day, the calm to the storm, the yin and the yang.

In my life and career I’ve had many opportunities to shine and while I’ve risen to some, I’ve also shied away from some. So much of it depended on the amount of risk for me either financially, emotionally, intellectually. When I was willing to get quiet, get reflective and then get real about where I was selling myself short and withholding my gifts, I was able to move beyond the fear and the doubt and step into the spotlight and shine to the benefit of myself and others.

Here are 3 things you can do to increase your shine to shrink ratio!


  1.  Reflect and see if you notice a pattern. Awareness is such a key element of your personal and professional growth. When you become aware, you give yourself permission to acknowledge what is true, what has been true, you give yourself permission to change, to grow and to create another reality, another possibility.
  1. Identify an opportunity to shine in the next 30 days.  Look around your life, your church, your community, your work. Is there a way for you to show up in all your glory, bringing all of your skills and talents, your gifts and your grace to the situation? Do it! Make note of how you felt and the impact you were able to have as a result.
  1.  Adopt a new philosophy. If your first thought is “I can’t do that” make your next thought “Oh, OK, now that means I have to do that.” Develop a sense of adventure in your life. Challenge yourself regularly to step outside your comfort zone and into the stretch zone, where growth occurs.


Change the way you think so you can play bigger, have greater impact and SHINE baby, SHINE.


About Whitney

Whitney Bishop is a Change Agent who creates transformative experiences for those who are leaders in their lives, leaders in their organizations and leaders in their community.  Visit to learn more about the Whitney Bishop Experience.



The Comment Contest Continues!

IMG_2088Each week we toss all the comments in a hat and pick one commenter to win a prize. We had such a great response to last week’s giveaway, I’m going to give away the same thing this week — a copy of Day Job To Dream Job by my friend, Kary Oberbrunner.

If you or someone you know needs a good kick in the pants and a plan to grab their dream job, this book will get you there.

Last week’s post winner of a copy of Day Job To Dream Job was Debbie Pendell. Congrats, Debbie!




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