What To Say Yes And No To

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The birds are chirping. Bunny rabbits seem to have taken over the neighborhood. And I have a dump truck size pile of mulch filling my driveway (I am happily accepting volunteer help, FYI).

I love spring. Let me rephrase that: I FRICKIN’ LOVE SPRING. I love the energy, color, and optimism it brings. I also love the sense of renewal I feel each time this year. It makes me feel like anything is possible. And that’s the problem.

Anything IS possible, but not everything. Getting where I want to go requires saying yes to some things and no to others. I’ve created a list of things to say yes and no to. Here are some of mine. I’ll be sticking my list in the front of my journal to remind me where to put my energy each week.

What to Say YES and NO To:

Say YES to daily exercise and NO to daily television marathons.

Say YES to eating clean and healthy and NO to the crap you eat way too often.

Say YES to playing with your kids (no matter how old they are) and NO to filling your nights and weekends with busy work.

Say YES to weekly date nights with your significant other and NO to the excuses of “not enough time” and “not enough money.”

Say YES to focusing your mind at work and NO to the distractions that steal your attention.

Say YES to being present, right now, in this moment, and NO to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Say YES to being happy with your current life and NO to comparing yourself to others.

Say YES to creating a better future for yourself and NO to the idea that this point and the previous point can’t coexist.

Say YES to friends who lift you up and NO to energy vampires who drag you down.

Say YES to  adventure, exploration, and discovery and NO to waiting for an invitation.

Say YES to the very next thing that makes your heart beat faster (in a good way) and NO to the very next thing that makes you go, “Ugghhh!

(Every one of those is quite Tweetable, don’t you think?)

Got more YES/NO suggestions? Contribute your ideas in a reply below!


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