The Top 10 Lessons From My 6-Week Sabbatical

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This summer, I stepped away from work for 6 weeks for my first sabbatical. After 15 years of running sparkspace, I began to get a little foggy about the future. I won’t go into all of that here because you can read all about that in my post, Why I’m Taking 6 Weeks Off (and what I’m doing with it).

At the end of my time off, I asked readers to send me the #1 question they had about my sabbatical. Truthfully, I didn’t expect much of a response, but over 100 people sent me questions. Many sent more than one. I quickly realized that if I tried to answer them all, y’all might fall asleep before the end of my responses. So instead of answering hundreds of questions, I’ve narrowed it down to the “top 10” that cover most of what people were interested in.

I started to type out the answers and realized that even 10 questions and answers would end up being the longest article I’ve ever written (by about fifty pages). Again, snoozeville.

I thought I’d take a different approach and record a podcast so I could just talk to you instead. I realize not everybody listens to podcasts, and you might just find my voice completely annoying, but I’ll be completely honest with you: this was way easier and more simple than writing a fifty page blog post. And I’m all about simple after returning from my sabbatical.

If podcasts aren’t your thing, feel free to take this time to visit my blog and read an article or two. If you were one of the nutso people who would have read a fifty page article, well, there are way more than fifty posts on the blog so you can read until your eyes fall off.

For the podcast curious, here you go. You can also find The Rockstar Academy Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.



If you have any other specific questions about my sabbatical (or about sabbaticals in general), drop them into the comments section below and I promise to answer every one.


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