What Would Rockstar You Do?

Young Businessman Thinking and Wondering While Writing a Paper

This is pretty exciting.

Today I’m giving you free access to the best personal/business/life coach on the planet.

This coach is incredibly wise, has tons of experience, and knows how to tell you exactly what you need to hear when you’re faced with either obstacles OR opportunities.

This coach can reassure you when you’re doing the right thing and kick you in the you-know-what if that’s what’s needed. If you listen to the advice and counsel, you’ll accomplish more, discover more success, and live the life you’re meant to live.

Sounds like hype, doesn’t it? Trust me, it’s not.

So who is this wonder coach?

It’s you.

Well, not you, but Rockstar You.

Rockstar You is the ideal you — the guy or gal who is living the life you want to live. He is healthy, vibrant, and smart. She is disciplined. He moves through life with relative ease. She uses her strengths, talents, and abilities to their maximum. He/she is what you know you can be.
Rockstar You knows the answer to your questions. Rockstar You knows what to do next. Rockstar You knows which opportunities will take your life to the next level. Rockstar You knows how to navigate smoothly around any obstacle. Rockstar you knows how to make the tough choices.

The best part is that Rockstar You is available to you 24/7. The only cost to access the best coach you’ll ever have is a simple question:


“What would Rockstar You do?”


Actually, if you’re asking it to yourself I’d go with “What would Rockstar ME do?” Then it sounds like you’re asking yourself a question, not talking to an imaginary companion like a nutjob.

Here are some examples:

I have the choice of exercising after work or going straight home. What would Rockstar Me do? He’d work out. Duh.

I want to fix a problem at work, but it requires a very difficult, confrontational conversation with a co-worker that I’d rather avoid. What would Rockstar Me do? He’d send the meeting request ASAP and get it over with.

There’s a great opportunity (I think), but it means I’ll have to be out of town a lot for 6 months. What would Rockstar Me do? Rockstar me knows that I’m uncomfortable with change and it way too often holds me back from truly great opportunities. He’d take the gig.

Someone requests my time who always drains my energy, yet I hate saying no. What would Rockstar Me do? He’d say no with confidence, knowing my time and energy are my most important assets.

I’m not saying that you’ll always like what Rockstar You has to say if you ask for advice, but that doesn’t mean it’s not right or true. The one thing you can count on is that Rockstar You always has your back and always operates in your best interest.

Tap into Rockstar You by asking yourself “What would Rockstar Me do?” Then send me an email or comment on the blog to tell me what Rockstar You made happen for you this week.


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