Stop Worrying About Doing It The “Right” Way


Half-time of the Ohio State vs. Michigan State Big Ten Championship football game changed Molly Brown’s life forever.

Molly won a football throwing contest to score a $100,000 scholarship from Dr. Pepper.

And she beat a boy. Actually, she didn’t just beat him, she spanked him good.

She did it by throwing a football the “wrong” way.

During the 30-second contest, Molly used two hands and chest-passed an astounding number of footballs through a hole not much bigger than a basketball hoop.

Her opponent, Alex (a.k.a. spankboy), threw the football like we all learned how to throw a football: an overarm, one-hand attempt at a spiral. BOING off the side of the hole…BANG on the Dr. Pepper logo…BAM not even close. You get the idea.

Here’s my point:

Tweet ThisYou can worry about doing things the right way, or you can get $#@& done.

Molly got it done. Like $100k done. I’m taking a wild guess that Alex hasn’t shown his face in a sports bar since.

What are you struggling with? Maybe it’s because you’re trying to do it the right way, or the ideal way, or the perfect way. Step back and ask yourself these two questions:
1. What’s the most DIRECT way I could get this done?

2. What’s the EASIEST way I could get this done?
Then take one of those paths instead of the way you’re doing it now. You can always go back to the “right” way if it doesn’t work.

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