The Shortcut To Being Really, Really Good At Anything.

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What do you want to be really, really good at?

While there is no silver bullet, this shortcut comes pretty close:

To get really, really good at anything, practice radically good behavior in that area.


Some examples:

Want to be really, really good at service?
Practice radically good communication.

What to be a really, really good parent?
Spend a radical amount of time with your kids.

What to be a really, really good manager?
Practice radical accountability with your employees.

Want to be a really, really good marathon runner?
Practice a radically intense training schedule.


What is radically good behavior? It is taking action to such an extreme level that most people wouldn’t be willing to do it. It’s doing things that some might even consider unreasonable.

When you throw the word, “radical” into the mix, it changes everything. It signifies that you are not approaching that area in a normal way. It tells you and the world that you’re in it to win it. And you will, because you’re going to radical lengths to make it happen.

I want to be a really, really good husband, parent, boss, and community member. That requires me to have a ton of breathing room. To accomplish that, I have figured out that it requires me to  practice radical simplicity in all areas of my life. Radical simplicity means saying no an awful lot — something that doesn’t come naturally to me, by the way.

My great friend, Jon Petz, wants to be a really, really good philanthropist. His mission is to raise as much money as possible to contribute to the lives of kids with life-threatening illnesses. To do that, he has committed a radical amount of time and energy to writing a book and creating an inspiring message to share with the world. I’d love for you to check out this event that we are hosting with Jon in November to see what I mean.

So, what do YOU want to be really, really good at?

Now, what radically good behavior do you need to practice to make that happen?


Anything come to mind? Leave a reply below. Your thoughts always inspire me and many others.


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