Push Your Reset Button Early and Often

The Internet conspired against me yesterday. Normally I love the Internet. Love technology in general. Yesterday, not so much.

Not to bore you with too many details, but I “own” three different Internet connections: one for our office, one for our guests, and one at home. For the first time ever, all three crapped out on me. I’m not a tech guy, but I play one at work and at home. I know just enough to create an awful lot of work for myself.

Yesterday, I should have called in help. Instead I spent 7 hours I’ll never see again, desperately trying to fix problems that really were beyond my control. Sadly, it took 7 hours to figure that out. But this is not a post about calling for help when you need to (although you really should…so should I). Nope, this is a post about pushing the reset button.

By the end of my workday yesterday, I realized I had reached a dangerous level of frustration. I was muttering and sighing uncontrollably. I’m not even sure what all I muttered, although I do think the words “shooting spree” came out at one point. Remember that scene in the movie Office Space where they beat the heck out of a piece of office equipment in pure revenge for all the grief that piece of equipment caused? That was me yesterday, only I was short one baseball bat or my modem and router would be toast.

Thank God it was my wife’s birthday and we had dinner plans. I have to admit, I reluctantly left work to go celebrate with the birthday girl. As we all know, we just can’t live without the Internet, so I had a really, really hard time leaving it unfixed. But, boy am I glad I did.

Going to dinner, celebrating my foxy wife’s birthday, and hanging out with the kids was exactly what I needed. I really had done all I could do with my problem at work. I had literally pressed the reset button about fifty times on all of my equipment, so it was time to push the reset button on ME.

Over the course of dinner, I let go of my problem and focused more and more just being present with my family. Somehow, after dinner, my Internet problems just didn’t seem so frustrating.

It’s a good reminder that we really need to push our own reset button more often. And we probably need to do it way sooner than I did this time. Really should do it BEFORE we’re forced to.

Working through frustration and fixing a problem isn’t a bad thing, but there is definitely a point of diminishing return on the effort. We’ve all been there, so you know what that feels like. When you feel that begin to happen, go for a walk, go to dinner with your foxy wife (or husband), do anything that puts some physical and mental distance between you and the problem. Push your reset button.

Heck, maybe you need to push your reset button right now.


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